LightScribe Template Designs - Food-n-Family Pack

LightScribe Template Designs - Food-n-Family Pack 1.17

Let’s dress up our CD and DVD collection! Lets have fun!
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HP is the largest technology company in the world and operates also with different branches. This is why LightScribe is part of this big HP family and this company is dedicated to the imaging products. Within its web site there is a section called Design Center, where you can find and download different templates. These templates are classified by categories such as: Home & Family, At the Office, Creative Concepts, Fun Outdoors, Special Occasions, Odds and Ends, etc. In this occasion we are doing a little review to the Home & Family Category, the place where you can find and capture cozy moments and find discs at a glance.

Food & Family is a particular section with various design templates regarding to this tab. You can actually view them before you decide to download the whole package. In this section you can find nice and cute designs; you can modify them and put some "extra" love to your creativity. These templates can be edited so you can add some pictures, texts, etc. The limit? Your imagination! Now please beware before you decide to download any package at all, you first need to have in your computer a program called LightScribe Template Labeler. You just have to download it the first time, and then you can be able to download all the collections you want. Well now, let’s be creative with our drive labels, let’s have fun!

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • Free
  • Works with Windows, Linux and Mac


  • There are no disadvantages, but you have to download the Labeler program first to proceed with this one
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